Relationship Goals!!!


Okay, so people often tend to want relationship goals of celebrities that have been together for about 2 minutes.  People set your own relationship goals. It’s good to have a couple that you look up to, but how about making it someone you can actually talk to about relationships. The grass is not always greener on the other side my friends.

It feels so good to have relationship goals and marriage goals that you set for yourself.  Not something you seen in the magazines and t.v. How do you make a marriage work? You set goals based on your marriage. You keep the lines of communication open. Don’t have the world in your marriage or relationship. You would be surprised what communication does in a relationship.  Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell your significant other what’s on your mind. Women always want to talk about things way more than men :). If I told you my husband didn’t wash the dishes oh trust and believe I already opened the lines on my feelings about that matter.  I’m a strong believer on communication and keeping God first.

I love the married couples that will tell you straight up, they are not perfect they do have their little arguments.  You pick and choose your battles. The good thing about this is we are human beings no one is perfect. People really need to start having relationship goals based off of reality and not what they see one the surface. When John breaks up with Ashley a few months later we are all wondering what happened to them 🐸☕. For the simple fact we are just one the outside looking in. Start making your own relationship goals for you and your significant other. 💏👫


Why do strangers think they can ask you anything?


This is a topic that really grinds my gears. My friends have complained about it and it happens to me 9 times out of 10 when we leave the house. I am going to need people to start staying in their lanes. Think to yourself before you open your mouth to a stranger, is this an appropriate question? Would I want someone to ask me this question that I did not know at all? Is this question going to make a difference in your life? Is small talk really that important at the moment? Having children has shown me the ignorant things that can come out of a person’s mouth. Whether you have 1 child or 10 the questions make you roll your eyes and shake your head. Now you will call me rude or ignorant if I really answered the questions bluntly. Having kids has really opened up a softer side of me. I know they are watching everything we as parents do. Don’t worry though I will come up with clever professional answers that will basically shut you down.

What makes you think asking me if MY 4 children are all mine will benefit you in anyway? How about this one, aww they are so cute are they all by the same dad? Oh yea and here is another one as my husband stands next to me that they specifically ask him are all of those your kids? Are you married? Are you having anymore? Did you plan them? No, they were all mistakes we really did not want any children at all *rolling eyes*. There are tons more questions where that came from? What happen to waving at the kids and keeping it moving? Are those days gone? Why do you want to know my entire background as if I am interviewing for a job? These questions usually come from the old and young. STAY IN YOUR LANE!

I really do not like when strangers touch my babies you can talk, but why must you touch? Did you wash your hands? Where has your hands been? Do you know the first place a baby puts their hands? That’s right in their mouths. I sooooo get that kids are cute, I love them too, but I know how to stay in my lane. I admire from afar or tell you that you have beautiful kids or family and keep it moving. If you don’t have any children yet be prepared this too will happen to you. The questions vary coming from strangers. Dear strangers; STAY IN YOUR LANE!

Child Care What!!!


I saw this picture and I could not help but laugh. Not to scare anyone off that wants children, but make sure your family and friends line is closely knitted. Every so often I tell myself I’m going back to work. Oh how I love staying home with my children, but I also love grown up interaction.  Looking for jobs might be the most stressful thing ever NO it’s looking for child care. First, you go about looking for child care centers, they are a bit high even with one child. Then you try a license home daycare their location doesn’t fit what your looking for. Then that leaves a nanny or a babysitter. This might be the absolute best idea. When that nanny or babysitter tries to charge you $20 an hour 😨 whoa buddy hold your horses. So, you’re asking for my whole pay check to watch 2 children? Are you going to let me claim this on my taxes? How many years experience do you have besides babysitting your baby sister/brother? Do you know that a child care worker gets paid less than that to was 10-11 children?  Are you licensed? What makes you think I would pay you more than a childcare center with great rates. These are things that cross my mind. Child care is so high it’s ridiculous.  I am a firm believer of you get what you pay for. So,  I make sure my kids are somewhere they feel safe and we feel comfortable. People probably say you shouldn’t have the kids if you can’t afford it. Lies child care cost more than mortgage and any other bills.  Besides student loans 😂😂😂😂 #Salliemae has to wait in line. #childcare #kids #parenting #stayathomemoms #stayathomedads #cost #toohigh #mommy

DIY- Bathroom

So, today I’m talking about a DIY project.  Since, I’m very organized the cabinet in our bathroom did not have shelves. Let’s face it women ( men too) can have a lot of products.  My husband installed cabinet racks on each side of the door under the sink. This was easy and pretty. Click here to find it.
On the right side of the cabinet it was built using left over ply wood. To do this job you will need: drill, ply wood, jig saw, measuring tape and level. If you need these you can get them here these are the exact ones we have Click here.  If you don’t own some of these items you can find them in the link above as well. Also, you might notice that it is not a wood color because paint was also used. We used black because we had extra from another DIY project I will show you later. To cover the wood on the top parts a leather frabic was used. You can get this from and arts and craft store such as; Joann’s etc. This was used with a staple gun.  We used baskets on the right side. Since, I have 4 kiddies we just used the baskets I got from the hospital each time I gave birth to a blessing. This project is very cheap and simple. If you are renting your home and worry about building this. Not a problem you can take it apart and bring it with you the next place you go. Any questions as far as how to I’m more than happy to answer. 🙂

Before: 😦


After: 😍